Welcome to Farm to Fork

Farm to Fork Foods is owned and operated by Karen and Tony Dotson. Karen studied holistic nutrition through the Nutritional Therapy Association and also owns a nutrition practice called Fueled Health Nutrition and Fitness.

"We are glad you found us! Our journey to health began like that of many other families, with a health crisis. We realized that the common denominator to most health and healing meant eating better and we were on the hunt for what that meant in today's day and age. This journey sparked the question of what really is in today's food and how do we go about getting the best quality possible? After learning about conventional farming and growing practices in the U.S., we knew we had to find a better way to source our food. Getting it directly from the farmer seemed like the best option, but one that would take a lot of time and effort. This is where Farm to Fork Foods steps in and fills the gap. We think bringing the farm to the consumer is the next best thing to shopping at the farm itself.  Farm to Fork Foods simplifies the shopping process and life by bringing the farm to YOU.

Farm to Fork Foods is a natural extension of my nutrition practice.  It has become a place for people to connect with others looking to create a healthy lifestyle for their families; a local wellness resource.  We believe the awareness of the need to source quality food is growing and we are excited to grow along side this community. We hope to be a resource to many as people begin to place greater importance on fueling their bodies with healthy, quality, real food. We are blessed to have this opportunity and are excited to serve our friends, family and the community by making quality, natural foods easily accessible. It is our goal to continue to work and support local farmers and ranchers while helping people establish that connection with their food again. " 

-Karen Dotson



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